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Freight Network System - is one of the quickest and most dynamically developing courier exchange and haulage exchange.

The freight exchange is one of the quickest and most dynamically developing courier exchange and haulage exchange.

The freight exchange seeks to address the needs of transport companies, freight forwarders, haulage companies, carriers and clients ordering shipments.

On the freight exchange, you will find exactly what you are looking for - available freights, consignments, transport companies from UK and the whole of Europe, reliable carriers, commissions for 3.5t van and lorry owners.

It is a place where commissioners meet service providers, including transport and haulage companies, dedicated carriers or van owners from UK and the whole of Europe. Our freight exchange provides a comprehensive database of transport and haulage companies. We do not limit ourselves to one market only; therefore, you may find here companies offering international transport services, domestic transport, international haulage, domestic haulage and freight forwarding.

Our database already contains thousands of places. Our site is visited by hundreds of visitors a day who are looking for transport opportunities in every part of UK and Europe.

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The success of our Clients is our success.